Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare Haul; Review – Plum Goodness

Hello my beautiful friends,

Today I will be introducing you all to PETA approved Cruelty Free & 100% Vegan skin care brand in India – Plum Goodness. Interesting all their products are also paraben & SLS Free. Big yayy!

I have always wanted to explore and invest in good skin care brands. Plum Products have been up my alley for the longest. But always ran out of stock when I would think of purchasing during sales. (Hit like if you love sales too!!)

Recently Plum hit 50K on Instagram and guess what they set their website on crazy 50% off for about 50 minutes on their website. It was raining offers when I saw free sample size products too. A pro tip here is to keep track of Offers & upcoming sales on Plum Goodness website.

This is what all I managed to purchase –


Let’s get started with the review –


Summers and monsoons are the best time to switch to gel based products unlike the greasy creams.

  1. A matte glass jar making it heavier in weight but its packaging can definitely amp your Vanity as it looks chic and high-end.
  2. Comes with an inner lid for non-messy purpose. However you have no spatula hence need to apply with help of fingers from the tub.
  3. Clear green tea gel which smells chemically in the jar but non fragrant on skin.
  4. Ultra hydrating formula leaves a refreshed smooth feeling on the face.
  5. Skin feels visibly fresher and clear in the mornings. I personally feel this green tea gel will help combat acne scars.
  6. It has helped to control my oily T-zone as it totally absorbs into the skin. Lesser traces of oily layer throughout the day.
  7. Definitely will result in a healthy glowing skin if used for a long-term.
  8. Perfect for all skin types especially dry to combination skins.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Where to buy? – Click here


If your bad with eye makeup, like me, this one should be your go to hack.

  1. Dual ended pencil made out of Wood. Kohl on one side and smudger on the other.
  2. Kohl applies smoothly giving sharp strokes in one swipe.
  3. Smudges effortlessly and blends evenly.
  4. Quality of the smudger sponge is extremely good.
  5. Non-retractable pencil. Needs to be sharpened. Also no sharpener was provided.
  6. Creases into lines and fades off after 3-4 hours of use.
  7. Not long-lasting. However, its easily build-able.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Where to buy? – Click here


  1. In love with the fragrance. Floral scented moisturizer with Vitamin E. Vitamin E are great for sensitive skin type.
  2. Received 9 ml sample size as offer which makes it travel friendly.
  3. Instantly gives a hydrating and soothing feel to the skin.
  4. Feels uber moisturized and leaves skin soft.
  5. Believe this will be perfect for Dry to Combination skin fam.

Ratings: 4/5

Where to buy? – Click here


Plum Goodness additionally provided a Seed Paper as I placed order in World Environment month. It contains multiple seeds and needs to be sowed exactly like a seed which would eventually grow into a beautiful plant. Indeed a very thoughtful gesture!

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  1. Rutu says:

    Nice flatlay😋

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    1. theswishco says:

      Wow.. Glad you liked it. Stay connected as more amazing blog post coming soon.


  2. I love the sale season too! Never hurts to bag amazing products in half the price, eh? xD And, I loved your pictures too! Great work 🙂

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  3. Love the detailed review… loving it. Keep connected at Do check out my latest post!

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  4. I am also loving Plum at this moment.Do follow my blog too.

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